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Like any other commodity, the value of vehicles depreciates over time, mainly when used. The same is true for ATVs.

Used vehicles, especially ATVs, go for lower prices over time because they undergo several wears and tears. And if you're curious about the value of used ATVs, how they're valued, and what factors determine their value, you've come to the right place.

This article will answer your burning questions about used ATVs and their values. We'll cover topics such as

---When ATVs start to reduce in value.
---The factors that affect ATV depreciation and resale.
---How long it takes for a used ATV to depreciate
---How to estimate your used ATV's resale value, and steps to consider before selling or trading your used ATV.

Depreciation means the reduction in the value of an object due to use or time-bound or natural factors. For some things, depreciation takes place almost immediately after use. But is this the same for ATVs?

For the majority of autos, depreciation starts immediately. Most of the vehicle's worth is lost in the first year or two of use. However, the used vehicle market is active enough for you to sell your ATV down the road if you so desire. Remember that the later you sell, the less money you will make.

How long will it take for your used ATV to depreciate?

In terms of a car's resale value, time is the most significant factor. The longer a vehicle is driven, the lower its value becomes. The condition of your ATV can also impact the rate of depreciation. If your ATV is rough, rusty, and not in good condition, you might find it challenging to sell at a higher price and vice versa if it is in good shape.

Additionally, the brand of your ATV can affect its market value. For instance, well-known brands like Honda and Yamaha are typically valued higher due to greater demand. Since vehicles from reputable companies depreciate less over time than those from lesser-known brands, you'll lose less money overall. 

Moreover, these famous brands have more readily available parts, so shopping for parts will be smooth when needed.

How do you estimate your used ATV's resale value? 

Estimating your used ATV resale value can be easy if you follow the guidelines in this article. There are different ways to determine your ATV's resale value, but not all can be trusted.

If you are considering buying an ATV, purchasing a used one can save you significant money. While new ATVs can cost approximately $10,000. Used ATVs can be purchased for between $3,500 and $7,000. You should consider saving a few dollars now. Wink!

You can also conduct market research by looking up blue book values or comparing your ATV with what you see in stores. However, remember that each vehicle is unique and will be evaluated differently, so these approaches may only provide a somewhat accurate estimate.

To have a reliable estimate of your used ATV's value, it's recommended that you speak directly with a reputable auto sports store. They will have the expertise and necessary knowledge to evaluate your vehicle and provide you with an accurate estimate of its value.

Before selling or trading your used ATV, consider the steps you need to take to ensure you get the best value for your vehicle. It is tricky to decide whether to sell your ATV for cash or trade it in for a new one. While it may seem more straightforward to trade your ATV to a motor dealer, selling it to a private individual could also be a good option. So, how do you decide?

Working with a reliable motor dealer is always a wise decision. Online third-party marketplaces can expose you to fraudsters, fake buyers, and other situations where you might be taken advantage of or be forced to make a wrong decision. In contrast, most auto dealers are honest, reliable, and secure because they are duly registered. They provide knowledge and rates based on actual industry figures.

It's important to know that buying a new ATV will cost you more. And if you don't have the luxury of extra spending, you should opt for swapping your used ATV, which will get a lower price.

Steps to Follow Before Sell or Trading your used ATV

Steps to Follow Before Sell or Trading your used ATV

Research your ATV's value thoroughly

Guessing the price or value of your used ATV can lead to a wrong decision. Instead, take your time to research its value, which will ultimately determine its worth. You can visit a reliable auto store to find the value and prices for your used ATV.

Avoid Fear of Negotiating

Please avoid falling into the same trap as many buyers who approach merchants and dealers and accept their prices at face value. The best negotiators know what they want, see the market, and carefully examine the commodity they intend to purchase. You can lower costs by knowing an ATV's depreciation and resale values.

Keep your Used ATV in Good Shape

Irrespective of your ATV's age, maintenance is vital if you want to get the best deal for your used ATV. It is easier to find a buyer for a well-maintained ATV. You are likely to sell at a high cost. 

Most buyers, both private individuals and dealers, are not eager to purchase vehicles that require repairs. As a seller, keeping up with your ATV's maintenance and having it fixed before selling it will give you a better impression and result in higher bids.

Have your Paperwork Ready

You must have the legal transaction for your used ATV to avoid issues. You need all necessary paperwork, including the bill of payment, a well-structured detail of your used ATV, which includes the serial number, model, condition, and year, all necessary receipts and invoices, all required signatures, and copies of the documents for both parties after the close of the deal. The original documents go to the new owner.

New and Used ATV Pricing Comparison

The cost of ATVs varies based on the manufacturer's priorities when building the vehicle. Some ATV models cost more than others because they can accomplish more with less, such as having greater power while being lighter. To find the best ATV for your needs and budget, it's essential to assess the prices of current ATV models. Here is a tabular representation of new and used ATVs currently on the market

New and Used ATV Pricing Comparison

Overall, selling your used ATV for cash or trading it in for a new one have advantages and disadvantages. Following the steps above, you can make the best decision for your situation and get the best deal for your used ATV.


Determining the value of your used ATV can be a complex process. However, this article answers your questions and serves as a guide to help you get the best ATV prices. With these tips, you can decide when buying or selling your ATV.

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