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The fun, thrill, and adrenaline that come with owning an ATV or All-Terrain Vehicles is something a proud owner of an ATV cannot describe.

This expensive investment is something you want to be able to use in its best condition as long as possible; that's why ATV storage should be planned out carefully, especially when it is not in use.

Whether it's making use of an ATV Cover, cleaning your ATV, or general maintenance of the ATV, storage is important to keep your vehicle in good shape and extend its lifespan.

This guide will walk you through the right places, the ways to store your ATV, and storage facilities, e.g., ATV Cover. We'll provide you with all the information you need to keep your ATV in top condition all year round.

Let's dive in!

Why is ATV Storage Important?

ATVs differ from your cars; you don't drive them daily or everywhere. They are only enjoyed seasonally and tend to sit for a long time without use. With proper storage from harsh weather and elements, your ATV will be in pristine shape when needed. It will be continually exposed to outdoor elements.

When your ATV is without an ATV Cover, its seat, cables, tires, and exposed parts of the vehicle can be damaged by the sun or rain.

If you store your ATV properly, you can avoid these problems and the question of "where exactly can we store our ATV."

Where should you store your ATV?

Location is a very important factor to take note of when storing your ATV. It's great to store your ATV indoors, but only some ATV owners can access a garage or spot big enough to house it. Luckily there are different places you could store your ATV and still maintain its pristine condition.

Outdoor Storage

    The best storage place for your ATV is indoors. But when there is no such option. There are still ways to protect your ATV from external elements, even when it's stored indoors.

    Using a high-quality ATV Cover

    Outdoors, your ATV can be exposed to the sun, rain, dust, and wind. An ATV Cover does a great job keeping these elements away, provided they are high quality.

    5 Best High-Quality ATV Covers

    420D Heavy Duty ATV Cover - XYZCTEM

    420D Heavy Duty ATV Cover - XYZCTEM

    420D Heavy Duty ATV Cover is made of high-quality 420D nylon fabric. It is resistant to UV rays, rain, snow, wind tear, and abrasion. It is the Perfect ATV Cover for your vehicle outdoors. It cost about $19.99.

    Heavy Duty Waterproof ATV Cover- XYZCTEM

      Heavy Duty Waterproof ATV Cover- XYZCTEM

      The Heavy Duty Waterproof ATV Cover is breathable and designed to reduce heat, release moisture, and let your ATV breathe without giving room for rain. The ATV cover helps protect your paint job from fading and your seat from cracking when it's kept outdoors. It cost about $19.99.

      ATV Covers Heavy Duty - XYZCTEM 

      ATV Covers Heavy Duty - XYZCTEM

      This high-quality ATV Cover Heavy Duty is breathable and has elastic hems to hold it in place. It serves well for the storage of the ATV outdoors. It costs about $19.99.

      Tough Cover 600D Premium ATV 4-Wheeler Cover

        Tough Cover 600D Premium ATV 4-Wheeler Cover

        The Tough Cover 600D Premium ATV 4-Wheeler Cover is tough, trailerable, and secured no matter how windy it gets.

        It is 2x thicker than a normal ATV Cover and designed with durability in mind. It cost about $49.99.

        Waterproof ATV Storage Cover XL

        Waterproof ATV Storage Cover XL

        The Waterproof ATV Storage Cover XL is tough and UV resistant; it protects adequately from elements during transportation and storage. The waterproof lamination and taped seams prevent water from entering through the stitching, so the cover's integrity is always maintained. It costs about $39.99

        1.Heavy- duty Chains with secure lock

        2.ATVs are very expensive. Therefore they are often a target for theft. It is important to secure your ATV with chains for maximum security.

        3.Put a security camera for extra security. 

        Indoor Storage

        ATVs stored indoors provide the most optimal security. They protect your ATV for a long time. Indoor storage could be a space in your garage, a barn, a shed, or a storage unit.

        However, there are some preparations you should make before storing them for a long period.

        1.Clean your ATV

        2.Remove the batteries

        3.Replace the oil and fill the gas tank

        4.Check your tires or remove them completely

        5.Cover with an ATV cover   

        ATV tires undergo damage after a long time. That's why it's important to keep your ATV elevated to avoid tire replacement when the need to use the ATV arises. Accessories like a stand, wood, lift, or you can use jacks to lift your ATV for storage.

        How to Store your ATV Properly

        Clean Your ATV

        Dirt, mud, and debris are major contributors to damage like rust in an ATV. Thoroughly cleaning the ATV is important to ensure that dust and debris don't settle in.

        Wash with soap, rinse and lubricate properly. You can also use pressure washers to make the work easier, especially for heavy-duty cleaning. The ATV should be dried to prevent rusting of the metal surface.

        Check Your ATV Tires

        It is highly recommended that you keep your tires on elevated lifts or blocks rather than directly on concrete. Checking your ATV tires reduces the strain put on the tires.

        It's also important to inflate them before storage to prevent them from going completely flat. Another way is to remove the tires and keep your ATV off the ground.

        Fuel maintenance

        You should store your AVT's fuel according to the material used to make the fuel tank. If your tank is made of metal, you want to fill it up before storing it. If it is made of plastic, you should drain the entire tank before storing it.

        Change your Oil and Filter

        Oil and filter change is important before storage if you want your oil to stay good and avoid causing corrosion.

        The old oil should be emptied and replaced with a new one before storing your ATV. Removing your filter can also prevent rodents from making their homes in it.

        Battery Maintenance

        The best way to ensure your battery does not die during storage is by using a battery tender to keep it in good condition and maintain its charge during storage.

        Another way is by disconnecting the battery from its wires. This way, your battery remains in good condition even after a long time.


        Following this guide, you can ensure that your ATV is properly stored and protected when it's not in use and remain in good condition when you're ready for your next adventure.

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