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Riding a motorcycle brings you a sense of calmness, and eases the body and the mind. Many bikers have referred to their bike as their therapist, as motorcycles make you feel refreshed and energized at the end of each ride. However, even the sturdiest bikes take much punishment while cruising down the road. Dirt, dust, and various kinds of filth get on your motorcycle.

Most people feel washing a bike is only to make it aesthetically pleasing. Still, most experienced riders will know that allowing filth to build up on your bike corrodes important motorcycle components. This is why keeping your motorcycle clean is very important.

Keeping your motorcycle clean and in a good shape involves washing it or keeping it covered with a motorcycle cover in a garage. Washing a bike is not about making it look presentable; it also includes ascertaining if your motorcycle is road-worthy, including inspecting the tyre pressure, the thickness of the brake pads, and tread depth. Washing your bike is a relatively easy task that can be done at home, especially if you ride on paved roads.

Step 1. Get your cleaning supplies in order.

Motorcycle wash tips

Before washing your motorcycle, you must ensure you have all the necessary materials to complete the job. It may get very frustrating after clearing up your schedule, rolling your bike into position, then realising you lack the supplies or materials needed to wash your bike. There are many motorcycle cleaners ranging from detailing spray to rinseless wash. When selecting products for cleaning your motorcycle, select the appropriate product.

Step 2. Prepare your work area.

How to wash a motorcycle

Once you get your cleaning supplies, you will ensure that your motorcycle and work area are ready. Firstly, you must ensure your motorcycle is cool, as a hot engine and cool water could lead to thermal shock. Avoid washing your motorcycle under direct sunlight, as this will lead to your soup drying faster, making cleaning your bike more difficult.

Step 3. Plug exhaust holes.

Wash Motorcycle - XYZCTEM®

Motorcycles are generally very resilient to water. It never hurts anyone to plug your exhaust with a rag or cover it with rubber gloves to prevent water from entering the exhaust.

Step 4.Give the motorcycle a quick spritz.

Wash and polish your motorcycle - XYZCTEM®

It is important to reduce the amount of friction applied when washing your motorcycle. The more you rub and scrub, you are likely to pick up small objects on your sponge and grind them over delicate surfaces on your bike. To avoid the likelihood of this happening, you could spray your motorcycle with a combination of motorcycle cleaner and water before starting to wash the motorcycle.

Step 5. Wash your motorcycle.

Wash your motorcycle - XYZCTEM®

This is the major part many think of when we hear about motorcycle wash. It is important to be careful with the amount of force you apply. At this point, you wash every part of the motorcycle including the engine.

Step 6. Rinse your motorcycle.

best way to wash a motorcycle - XYZCTEM®

This step must happen relatively quickly after washing your motorcycle. It is important not to allow soap dry on your bike as it causes streaks and swirls, which are hard to remove.

Step 7. Dry the Motorcycle

how to wash motorcycle - XYZCTEM®

Dry your motorcycle immediately after washing to remove water left in crevices, and creases over time can lead to corrosion of motorcycle parts.

Step 8. Re-Lube the motorcycle chain

Re-Lube the motorcycle chain - XYZCTEM®

After washing your motorcycle, water will have splashed over lubed-up parts of the bike, especially the motorcycle chain. It is important to re-lube these motorcycle parts before logging any more miles. For instructions on how to carry out step 8, check out Lemmy’s video on How to Clean & Lube Your Motorcycle Chain.

Step 9 Wax the motorcycle.

Wax the motorcycle - XYZCTEM®

At this point, the motorcycle is clean. You have determinedly taken the fight to the opponent and won. However, it is important to be diligent in making sure your bike comes out shining. Waxing your motorcycle will take your motorcycle cleaning to the next level. Waxing your bike will get the surface of the motorcycle glistering while also protecting it from degradation handed down from the elements.

tokept black motorcycle cover

Keeping your motorcycle clean can also involve the use of a motorcycle cover. Anyone who owns a bike or hopes to get one must understand the need for basic motorcycle maintenance—taking care of your motorcycle. As a motorcycle owner, one of your biggest fears is the rusting and corrosion of your engine. A good motorcycle cover protects your bike against corrosion and rust and significantly reduces the risk of damage and theft.

Many motorcycle owners often ask if motorcycle covers are worth it, and the answer is yes. It is worth purchasing a good quality motorcycle cover as it protects the motorcycle whether it has been stored inside or outside. A motorcycle cover guards your bike from water damage, Ultraviolet rays from the sun, and dust particles, and it keeps it Inconspicuous to thieves.

Buying a motorcycle cover is a wonderful investment as it provides a biker with basic motorcycle maintenance. One of the key reasons why a motorcycle cover is important is its protection against water and condensation, especially for motorcycles kept outside. Cars may be able to stay outdoors for long periods, but for motorcycles, water may find its way into the carburetor and other parts of the engine, causing it to rust. A motorcycle cover repels most, if not all, of the water and protects it from damage. You can purchase a waterproof  motorcycle cover protect your motorcycle.

On the other side, sunlight is not too friendly to motorcycles either. Ultraviolet rays from the sun often cause damage to very expensive parts of the bike after long hours of exposure. A good motorcycle cover would completely block UV rays from touching the bike.

Dust can also damage the motorcycle over time, even if it may not seem so. If large amounts of dust and dirt accumulate, it may lead to water absorption and speed up the process of rusting.


Motorcycle covers are a must-have for everyone who has a motorcycle as the important are numerous, and it provides you with basic protection for your bike. However, every biker must cultivate the habit of washing and clearing their motorcycles regularly.

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