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 Convert Wired CarPlay to Wireless. Plug and Play - No Audio Delay. Connect the adapter body to your car's USB or type c port with the included USB cable/type c...

  •  Convert Wired CarPlay to Wireless.
  • Plug and Play - No Audio Delay. Connect the adapter body to your car's USB or type c port with the included USB cable/type c cable.
  • Auto Connection & Super Performance.
  • Fully Automated Driving life. Works with iPhone 6 and later iPhone models (iOS 10 or later).
  • Can be installed over 600 vehicles: It is typically compatible with 2016 and newer genuine and wired CarPlay standard vehicles. Please check your current vehicle with CarPlay and compatibility list information before purchasing.

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Customer Reviews

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It’s Easy and It Works

The Air is a great little wireless CarPlay dongle that works as it should. The start up time in my Jeep is around 10 seconds. The sound quality is great. I did have to update to the latest firmware, which processed without a hitch, to get rid of sound clipping I was experiencing while listening to music and running Google maps. After the update it hasn’t happened since. One quirk with my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is that the Aux ports stay powered for at least an hour after I turn off the Jeep (by design). This causes weird issues while at home with Wi-Fi because it stays connected to the dongle. In my situation, I need to unplug the dongle each time. This has nothing to do with the dongle. I just wanted to point this out for other Jeep owners.

Preis-Leistung (mit Coupon) sehr gut

Das erstmalige Einrichten ging sehr einfach und ruck-zuck. Nach dem Starten des Autos (Mazda CX 30) ist CarPlay nun innerhalb von ca. 15 Sekunden da und funktioniert einwandfrei. Der Sound kommt mir noch etwas bessere vor, als bei einem Konkurrenzprodukt (weiß). Bis jetzt voll zufrieden und begeistert.

Night Nurse
Works perfect and easy set-up.

I bought this for the 2022 Kia Niro PHEV Touring Edition. I have no idea when Kia was going o finish updating the software so that my car would be wireless for CarPlay. Anyway, set-up was pretty simple. I plugged it in, selected the devices under bluetooth settings, and gave all necessary permissions. It probably took me about 40 seconds for initial set-up. I also read the instructions on how to update device, and there was an update, and that process maybe took a little less than a minute. I'm really happy with this purchase and is for sure one of the better ones. As for the device itself, it is quite small, so I'll be finding a good hiding spot for it. The claim that this will give you your iPhone CarPlay screen in about 13 seconds is accurate. Before this, I would use a usb-lightening cable, and that was slightly faster, but often times required me to plug in and out a couple times, so the wireless option is better in that regard too!

Works great for Toyota CH-R

If you have a line, you will have to connect to the iphone every time you get in the car, but with this product, once you pair it, you can connect wirelessly and wirelessly even if you get in the car. It was stylish and the product was more compact than I expected. There are moments when the map is jerky, but it returns smoothly, so there is no problem so far. I don't think there is any difference in the image quality from the time when there is a line. You can listen to music normally. It's the same and the same, so it can be used for ch-r, but it's long.

Happily, it works as advertised. Easy setup.

OK, if you use Carplay and you don't like taking the phone out of your pocket or purse to "wire it up", then this Wireless Carplay Adapter is for you.

I see absolutely no difference using it from using Carplay wired.

Setup was simple and took maybe 30 seconds or so.

Once I start my car it takes about 30 seconds for the Carplay screen to appear. This isn't much longer than it did when I plugged my phone in and much simpler.

Since I don't take my phone out of my pocket now, I'm not inadvertently leaving it in my car, something I did about half the time I used Carplay plugged in.

Working great for me.

Highly recommend.

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